<- If I were to use one word to describe It Follows, it would be "unsettling." it follows prays on that primal fear of being watched, like someone behind you is looking at you while you're alone. there's really nothing else quite like it, and there are many details to love. For example: * the monster is never explained * the characters never act irrationally * the time is impossible to place * people are swimming in one scene and wearing jackets in the next * there was clearly a disaster of some kind * everything feels... muted, somehow and the soundtrack... wow. it's really magnificent. this movie isn't for everyone - the pacing is slow, and if you're an absolute baby you won't be able to deal with the premise without laughing, and it might ruin the horror for you. but if you're a big adult who likes horror mobie i really serious LOVE this one. cannot recommend it enough. 10/10, exactly perfect in my book. will watch it many times to come.