another pufferfish drawn by rekka yet another pufferfish drawn by rekka yet another pufferfish drawn by rekka
the saw series is honestly pretty dope. it's really fun to sit down and try
my best to not get too squeemish while i watch - this is especially fun with a friend!

reflecting on the series a little, it's clear that a lot of effort went into
set design, but very little went into writing a story that doesn't suck. jigsaw
is pretty cool but has big character gaps and sounds less and less convincing
as the series goes on. i sort of lost his anti-hero appeal after saw 4 or 5.

in terms of rating them, i have some specific opinions, but here's the general gist:

saw 1: 10/10 - amazing original story, it's a must-watch, extremely good
saw 2: ?/10 - haven't seen it recently
saw 3: 4/10 - meh
saw 4: 4/10 - felt the same as saw 3
saw 5: 6/10 - fun trap design, a few awesome screams
saw 6: 7/10 - most coherent and fun "later saw" movie imho, don't miss this one
saw 7: TBD

watching the series in sequence while drinking with a friend is fun, especially if
you don't take them too seriously.

except saw 1, which you can take very seriously and it's just flat out amazing.