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    vore: a new rss feed reader

over the last few weeks i have been
working on an rss/atom feed reader.

i named it vore, and run a hosted
instance here:

vore (noun combining form)
ˌvō(ə)r, ˌvȯ(ə)r, ˌvōə, ˌvȯ(ə)
: one that eats (something specified)

vore is dead simple. it has 1 goal:
subscribe to a list of feeds and
display their posts to you.

since vore consumes feeds, i 
thought the name was perfect!!
i can't resist controversial
names apparently :3

when you login to vore, you have the
option to subscribe to any number of
rss/atom feeds. vore will keep those feeds
refreshed and present you a chronological
list of the latest posts among all of
your feeds, any time you want.

for an example of what vore looks
like, check out my personal feed
page at

    cool vore facts

    1. the UX was prioritized

a thought a lot about the vore user
experience. this led me to make some
choices i'd like to explain.

there is only 1 user input in vore:
a huge text box that contains one
feed url per line.

it functions as both a "submit feeds"
and a "subscribe to feeds" mechanism.
you just stick the feeds you want to
follow in the text box, hit update,
and go about your day.

i decided on not including tagging.
tagging has always felt cumbersome and
inaccurate to me. i prefer getting a
feel for blogs on my own, which informs
which links i click on. that strategy has
always worked well for me!

your vore feed list is always available
at /<username>, which makes it convinient
to access via a phone or a public computer
or whatever. it also makes it easy to share
your feed with a friend.

      2. no os dependencies

all vore dependencies (all 2 of them)
were chosen because of their minimalism
and self-reliance.

the sqlite library i'm using
reimplements sqlite in golang. this
means that you do not even need to
have sqlite installed in order to run
vore - the database is fully embedded.

if you want to run vore yourself, this
should be enough: go run .

yesterday i launched the public vore
instance and it's already seeing quite
a bit of use!

$ printf 'select count(*) from user' |
        sqlite3 vore.db 

  😌 114 people consuming vore 😌

i plan on keeping up and
maintained indefinitely & for free.

please try it out and let me know what
you think! shoot me an email or a toot
or a matrix message or whatever!

until next time~
  - jes