Jes Olson

pic of a one eyed cat named scrombles

patient anxious mentor, teacher

loves simplicity and minimalism

statically compiled binary FREAK

dota2 + beat saber expert, osu! liker

existential crisis actor

loves walking, cats, sushi, crepes, & friends




twitter: @j3sj3sj3s

age pubkey: /age.html


i have some values that i try my best to live by.


  • minimal things
  • that are easy to learn
  • they exactly fit
  • whatever they were made for
  • and nothing more
  • maintainability

  • easy for one person to service
  • worked on honestly, in the open
  • low/no dependencies - especially on people
  • speed

  • produce a lot quickly
  • move on from what doesn't work
  • move fast & break things,
  • nothing is permanent
  • things should feel fast
  • reliability

  • tools so simple and focused
  • they can't help but work correctly
  • and obviously
  • every single time
  • aesthetic

  • white & black
  • utf8-centric
  • with emojis
  • retro and punk like
  • feels good
  • raw, existential, and honest
  • design to die

  • no commitment:
  • to release patterns
  • or maintenance
  • or fixes
  • or support