what jes doing??? ? ??

this is a nowpage, inspired by derek sivers.

starting over again

i moved to southern virginia~

the people are different. the weather is different. the culture is different. i've never felt so out of water before - it forces me to confront fear daily.

i think that's a good thing. virginia is for lovers.

leading with love

i was recently promoted from an engineer -> people manager.

i always resented programming for being logical and cold - my brain is not.

my thoughts are soft, chaotic, feeling. i was born with my empathy in overdrive. my anxiety, too.

i love growing people. i love taking pain for others.

i love nearly everyone i talk to.

i hope this doesn't kill me.

reading a few books

these books update automatically based on my openlibrary account thanks to j3s.sh being a dynamic website.

this page was last updated on 2024-04-29